Simple Face pack exclusively to cure acne and pimples(muga paru in tamil) naturally

Everyone wants to look pretty. Instead of using store bought chemical face packs, you can use natural face pack with simple ingredients. I have many face packs in my site. Based on the ingredients you have on hand, you can use one. This face pack cures acne and pimples in face. This face pack uses just 2 ingredients which are readily available. It is easy to prepare and it work wonders on your face.


  • Cucumber paste

  • Lemon juice

Preparation and usage:

  • Cut lemon into two pieces
  • Squeeze to get its juice
  • Remove the outer skin of cucumber and grind to get its paste
  • Mix equal quantity of cucumber paste and lemon juice
  • Apply it on face
  • Wash it off after half an hour

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