I know you are very curious to know about me 🙂 Here is my intro…


I am Marilyn John from Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu. I am  HAPPILY MARRIED to a sweet and lovely person Yesu Jeyakumar , who is a loving, caring man of my life.He is the one who first encouraged me to start this blog.

Unfortunately my loving daddy Mr.J. Bending John passed away and so now I have a loving mummy and two sweet sisters.

Mum Dad

About my career, I am a Computer Science Engineering graduate. I started my career with ISRO,LPSC,Mahendragiri as Graduate Apprentice and worked as an IT Business Analyst.Now I am a full time blogger.

My hobby is collecting coins, currencies and stamps. I have a very good collection and I have kept all my collections in separate albums. I have inherited this hobby from my mom who loves collecting these. I love travelling and listening to music too.

I never thought that I will create a blog like this and now I am happy with the way things are unfolding for me and I am even more happy that you all have been a part of it too… I’ve accomplished this because my God has been so good to me. Thank you for reading this little space of mine and for the continuous support that you all have given me.

The origin of Best Home Therapy:

Usually when I am sick, I used to search for home remedies over internet but I ended up with frustration mostly coz I won’t get the one which I am looking for.Then I will ask my mother in law or some elders for home remedies. I will use it and get well soon, but will forget it after few days and so I decided to document it for my personal use. One fine day, I thought to share it to you all thinking that some one might be benefited out of this which inspired me to build this website ‘Best Home Therapy’.

Our fore fathers were raised in a 100 percent organic environment but now all the foods we eat are adulterated. Since childhood, I took medicines for any illness; rarely was I given a natural cure. As our bodies are used to chemicals , natural remedies may not work the way they worked for our ancestors. Still, there is no harm in detoxifying our body to the extent we can. This site may help to accomplish that goal.