Simple fresh juice to increase Hemoglobin levels

Eating fruits is good for health and preparing a juice with fruits is pretty easy.  I love fresh fruit juices. This juice helps to increase Hemoglobin levels and so it is very healthy. Try it out immediately.


  • Apple-1 no.


  • Carrot-1 no.


  • Beetroot-1/4 no.

Preparation and Usage:

  1. Cut apple into small pieces
  2. Remove the outer skin of beetroot and grate it
  3. Remove the outer skin of carrot and cut it into small pieces
  4. Grind the above ingredients to extract its juice
  5. Drink it daily for few days

3 replies on “Simple fresh juice to increase Hemoglobin levels”

  1. Dr abdi hamid yusuf ibrahim says:

    I like home remedies

  2. mercy dimacali says:

    its better for me to intake natural food like fruits & vegetables remedies instead of so many medicines that the doctor prescription…

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