Try this hair oil if you love long and thick hair

Everyone, including me dislikes hair fall. We all want thick hair. Why not we go with natural hair oil which promote hair growth and prevents hair fall? This oil also reduces hair splits. Try this hair oil if you love long and thick hair.


  • Eclipta prostrata leaves (karisalankanni in tamil)-50 gm
  • Curry leaves-25 gm


  • Gooseberry-25 gm


  • Coconut oil-100 ml
  • Artemisia pallens,Dhavanam (Marikozhunthu in tamil)-10 gm


  1. Grind Eclipta prostrata leaves, curry leaves, gooseberry ,marjoram to get its paste
  2. Boil coconut oil in a pan
  3. Add the paste to the boiling oil and boil it well
  4. Strain the oil
  5. Cool and store it in glass bottle


  • Apply this hair oil daily for best results

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