Face pack to treat swollen face(mugam veekam) naturally

Swollen face(mugam veekam) can be easily treated at home. This face pack is 100% natural  and it requires ingredients which are readily available. Try it out and feel the difference.


  • Neem leaves-20 gm

Neem leaves snagit

  • Sweet Flag or Calamus (Vasambu powder in tamil)-10 gm

  • Turmeric-20 gm

  • Water- little


  1. Grind all the above ingredients together
  2. Apply it in face
  3. Wash it off after 5 hours


  • Use it for 15 days


  • You can boil water,neem leaves together and wash face with this water
  • Children also can use it
  • It is for external application only

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