Treat piles and constipation naturally

Treat piles and constipation naturally using this remedy,


  • Elephant foot yam/Elephant yam powder(karunai kizhangu in tamil) powder-3 tsp.

  • Butter milk- as needed
  • Dry ginger powder-1/2 tsp

Dry ginger

  • Rock salt-1 tsp.


  • Lemon juice-50 ml

  • Cumin seeds powder-1/2 tsp.

cumin seeds

  • Jaggery powder-2 tsp.



  1. Soak 100 gm of elephant foot yam in butter milk
  2. Dry it under sun light and grind to get its powder
  3. Take a bowl and add elephant yam powder
  4. Add rock salt,dry ginger powder, cumin seeds powder and palm jaggery powder
  5. Mix it well
  6. Add lemon juice little by little to form  a paste


  • Eat 10 gm of this preparation in the morning and 10 gm of this in the evening after food daily for 24 days


  • It cures all the types of piles

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