Treat lack of hemoglobin and liver problems naturally

Lack of hemoglobin causes tiredness, giddiness in body. Eating healthy food plays a vital role in maintaining correct hemoglobin levels in the body. Today let us see a remedy to treat lack of hemoglobin and liver problems naturally.


  • Phyllanthus niruri leaves (Keezha nelli ilai in tamil)-25 gm


  • Eclipta prostrata leaves (Karisalai ilai in tamil)-25 gm
  • Raw cow’s milk-50 ml


  • Grind Phyllanthus niruri leaves and Eclipta prostrata leaves together by adding little water to get its paste
  • Take raw cow’s milk in a glass
  • Add 1 tsp. of the paste and mix it well


  • Drink it daily once in the morning 1 hour after food for few days

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