Treat Gall bladder stones (pitha pai kal in tamil) naturally

When you suffer from Gall bladder stones (pitha pai kal in tamil) , doctors always advise to undergo an operation. This decoction removes gall bladder stones gradually. It also treats fever, cold, cough and kidney stones. Let us see the preparation of it in detail,


  • Prickly Chaff leaves/Achyranthes aspera (Nayuruvi in tamil)- a handful
  • Skin of Terminalia chebula flower (Kadukkai thol in tamil)-1 no.
  • Skin of Terminalia belerica ( thanrikaai thol in tamil)-1 no.
  • Dry amla pieces-2 nos.


  • Water-200 ml


  • Jaggery-as needed



  1. Remove the seed of Terminalia chebula and Terminalia belerica
  2. Cut prickly chaff leaves into small pieces
  3. Grind dry amla pieces, Skin of Terminalia chebula flower and Skin of Terminalia belerica to get its powder
  4. Boil water in a pan
  5. Add prickly chaff leaves and powder to it
  6. Add jaggery to taste at last and boil it
  7. Strain the decoction and drink


  • Drink 50 ml of the decoction daily twice(morning and evening) before food

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