Treat dark circle under eyes using this homemade oil naturally

Dark circle under eyes spoils one’s beauty. Lack of hemoglobin and insufficient rest to eyes are the causes of dark circle under eyes. Applying beetroot juice, potato juice, carrot paste and coconut oil removes the dark under eyes. Today let us see a homemade oil preparation to treat dark circle under eyes.


  • Saffron-a pinch

  • Beetroot juice-2 tsp.

  • Potato juice-2 tsp.
  • Lemon juice-2 tsp.

  • Carrot juice-2 tsp.


  • Red sandalwood powder-1/2 tsp.
  • Olive oil-100 ml


  1. Remove the outer skin of potato and grind it to get its juice
  2. Remove the outer skin of beetroot and grind it to get its juice
  3. Remove the outer skin of carrot and grind it to get its juice
  4. Cut lemon into half and Squeeze it to get its juice
  5. Boil olive oil in a pan
  6. Add potato juice, beetroot juice, carrot juice , lemon juice and red sandalwood powder one by one and boil it well in low flame
  7. Once the foam and boiling sound goes off, add saffron
  8. Boil it for a minute
  9. Strain the oil and store it in glass bottle


  • Apply a little of this oil under eyes at night before going to sleep

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