Simple homemade hair oil to promote hair growth and prevent premature greying

Yesterday I planned to prepare homemade hair oil as I stopped using store bought hair oils nowadays. I was bit lazy as the hair oil usually I prepare has some 5 ingredients which need to be collected, dried and used. I came to know about this simple hair oil preparation recently and so thought to take a try. It is very simple to prepare and effective for hair growth, I used virgin coconut oil and pesticide free curry leaves and so it turned out perfect.This oil has a nice aroma and it is light green in color.


  • Pure coconut oil- a cup

  • Curry leaves- 5 sprigs


  1. Clean the curry leaves and dry it in shade to remove moisture
  2. Heat a pan
  3. Add coconut oil and boil it
  4. Once the oil is hot, add the curry leaves
  5. Turn off the flame immediately
  6. Cool and store it in glass bottle along with the leaves


  • Apply it on hair and scalp daily before taking bath
  • Leave it for atleast half an hour for best results


  • Curry leaves should be completely immersed in the oil else the oil will turn rancid soon
  • This hair oil keeps well for few months, provided the curry leaves are completely immersed in oil



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