A simple drink to treat Indigestion problems

Indigestion is one of the common problems we all face which can be prevented easily. Today let us see a simple drink to treat indigestion problems naturally.This drink is usually taken after a heavy non- vegetarian meal to prevent indigestion problems.


  • Buttermilk-50 ml

  • Green chilly-1 no.

  • Ginger-a small piece

  • Mint leaves-5 gm
  • Coriander leaves-5 gm

  • Dry ginger powder-1/4 tsp.

  • Grated carrot-5 gm

  • Black salt(induppu in tamil)-as needed

  • Pepper powder-as needed

Preparation and usage:

  • Grind green chilly, ginger, mint and coriander leaves to get its juice
  • Take 1 tsp. of this paste
  • Add dry ginger powder, carrot grated, induppu, pepper powder,buttermilk
  • Mix it and drink

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