School friends fourth reunion at KTDC Golden peak resort, Ponmudi

Friends are one of the blessings gifted by God. Everyone have friends in all the stages of life and nothing compares to the happiness we get when we meet them again. My childhood friends are so precious and we used to meet every year somewhere somehow. Unfortunately all the nearby resorts are filled up by the time we fix the date for the reunion and so this year we thought to change the ambience and decided to include a road trip too.  We chose Ponmudi hill station this time.

I had gone to Ponmudi during my childhood days and  still I remember the thrilling experience I had with my cousins and uncles while trekking, with snakes on one side and dogs on other side. After that about a year ago, my mom’s family went to Ponmudi and I couldn’t join them that time coz my hubby was suffering from Typhoid and was undergoing treatment.

Many of our usual meeting friends couldn’t join this time and might be that was the reason there was no much excited conversation in our Whatsapp group till the day we start the trip. We had arranged a van and all is set well for our trip to Ponmudi. We had also set a dress code for the trip as “white and blue” with little liberalization that people who are interested can wear.

Finally the day has come and the excitement started. Early morning itself I have started from my home and joined my friends at Kaliyakkavilai. I am so happy to meet my friends. Each of these reunions will have atleast one new joiner every year and it is the greatest joy for us. This time new comer was Archana with her hubby and kid. Happy to meet them after a long time.I joined my friend Sowmi who is coming by car. We had our breakfast on the way.

Ponmudi hill station is in Trivandrum district around 60 kms away from Trivandrum city. It is famous for its misty covered hills. On the way, you can get down at Kallar river and Meenmutty waterfalls if you have time. As we were running short of time, we went straight to Ponmudi.

We reached Ponmudi around 12 p.m. We had lots of fun like kids, teasing each other. We rewound the clock to school days and relished all the funny moments we had. Few of my friends have a very good memory power and they shared most of the humorous experiences we had during our childhood and we all ended up with laughing till stomach aches.We were filled with nostalgic fond memories of our school days.

My friend Kaizer has arranged a special lunch for us and we had our lunch at orchid Restaurant. Even though the menu is less when compared to other resorts, it is okay. We had lunch with chicken curry, chicken fry, fruit custard etc. After lunch, we had wonderful time playing lemon and spoon, carving helmet using watermelon, drawing  etc. Conducted separate games for kids like blasting balloons. We spend some time together reminiscing about our funny moments at school.

Then, we went to Ponmudi hill top. As mist comes in,the hills look so beautiful. After 5 pm, mist comes in huge and the climate changed to super cool…We captured few photographs and returned back home happily. It was one of the sweetest memories to be recorded in my memoir diaryAt the end of the day, a refreshment in mind and soul after a stressful time in my life.


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