Remove excess mucus in lungs and prevent cough using this simple drink

Excess mucus in lungs causes breathing problems and productive cough. This should be treated immediately. Drinking cough syrups which doctors prescribe makes us drowsy so it is better to stick with home remedies at initial stage itself.Remove excess mucus in lungs and prevent cough using this drink which uses just 3 ingredients which is readily available,


  • Pomegranate fruit juice-50 ml


  • Ginger juice-20 ml


  • Honey-as needed

Honey 1


  1. Grind pomegranate to get its juice
  2. Remove the outer skin of ginger and grind it to extract its juice
  3. Take pomegranate juice in a glass
  4. Add ginger juice and 1 tsp.of honey and mix it well
  5. Drink it


  • Drink 50 ml of this preparation in the morning after food weekly twice.

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