A remedy to boost baby growth (vayitil irukum kuzhanthai valarchiku in tamil) during pregnancy

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Before birth, baby gets all nutrition from mother. Folic acid is important for fetal growth. Lady’s finger, Beetroot, Carrot, badam, pista are rich in folic acid which can be consumed daily. Pregnant women should include small amount of cabbage, radish, badam, pista in your daily diet. Today let us see a remedy which helps in baby’s growth (vayitil irukum kuzhanthai valarchiku in tamil) during pregnancy,


  • Cork Swallow-Wort (paalai keerai in tamil) leaves-2 handful
  • Split Bengal gram (Kadalai paruppu in tamil) -1/4 tsp.
  • Pepper-little


  • White urad dhal(Vellai ulunthu in tamil)-1/4 tsp


  • Himalayan salt(induppu in tamil) -as needed

  • Asafoetida (Perunkayam in tamil)powder

  • Old tamarind- a big piece

  • Gingelly oil- as needed


  1. Boil oil in a pan
  2. Add Split Bengal gram, white urad dhal, pepper and roast it
  3. Add old tamarind and roast it
  4. Add Cork Swallow-Wort leaves, himalayan salt and saute it well
  5. Turn off the flame, cool it down
  6. Grind to get its paste


  • Pregnant women can mix it with rice and eat it at noon weekly twice

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