Reduce body weight using black cumin seeds

Every one wants to stay fit and strong. Maintaining the correct Body Mass Index (BMI) will help us to stay healthy .Being overweight will lead to many diseases and so you have to reduce your body weight if you are obese. Let us see a remedy to reduce body weight using black cumin seeds,


  • Black cumin seeds-10 gm
  • Cucumber pieces-as needed


  • Ginger pieces-5 gm
  • Pepper powder-5 gm


  • Salt-as needed



  1. Remove the outer skin of cucumber and ginger
  2. Cut it into small pieces
  3. Roast black cumin seeds till golden brown and grind to get its powder
  4. Take cucumber pieces in a bowl
  5. Sprinkle black cumin seeds powder little by little and mix it well
  6. Sprinkle pepper powder little by little and mix it well
  7. Add ginger pieces and salt and mix it well


  • Eat 10 to 15 pieces of this cucumber daily once (morning or noon or night)


  • This remedy also cures High B.P and diabetes

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