Prevent kidney cancer using this home remedy

Cancer is a painful disease. Today let us see a remedy to prevent kidney cancer,

Causes of cancer:

  1. Irregular food habits
  2. Smoking
  3. Drinking alcohol
  4. consecutive cogenital marriage
  5. Pollution


  • Mint leaves paste(Puthina in tamil) -10 ml
  • Seeded black grapes-200 gm


  • Liquorice( athimathuram in tamil) powder- 5 gm
  • Cubeb/ Tailed Pepper powder (Vaal mizhagu in tamil)- powder of 15 nos.
  • Goat’s milk- 50 ml


  1. Clean grapes with salt water and turmeric water and grind it with seeds
  2. Strain and add mint paste
  3. Add cubeb, liquorice and goat’s milk
  4. Mix well and drink


  • To treat all cancers, drink seeded black grapes’ juice thrice a day.
  • For normal persons use 5 cubebs only. Can drink for 6 months

Food to avoid:

  • Egg,Meat, Chicken
  • Butter,Cheese, Milk, Tea,Coffee
  • All rhizomes(kizhangu in tamil) except Elephant foot yam/Elephant yam (karunai kizhangu in tamil)

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