Papaya fruit mix for glowing skin

Papaya is delicious and is loaded with tons of nutrients. It is good for glowing skin and helps to remove germs from intestines and stomach. It protects against skin damage and has anti-cancer properties so whenever you get this natural fruit, don’t miss it.

This fruit mix contains just 3 simple ingredients which are readily available and it is very easy to prepare.


  • Papaya fruit paste-2 tsp.

  • Cumin seeds powder-1/2 tsp.

  • Honey-1 tsp.


  • Remove the outer skin of papaya and grind it to get its paste
  • Grind cumin seeds to get its powder
  • Add cumin seeds powder and honey to papaya fruit paste
  • Mix it well and eat


  • Eat this weekly once for 5 weeks

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