Jamun and guava fruit jam which helps you to fight anemia(retha sokai)

Jamun fruit is a seasonal medicinal fruit and we get it in our place during summer.You can prepare this jam and store it so that you can use it later. This jamun and guava fruit jam helps to improve hemoglobin levels. All can eat and it tastes good.


  • Jamun fruit- 20 to 25 nos.

  • Country Guava fruit-2 nos.

  • Water-100 ml

  • Jaggery-as needed

  • Cardamom powder-2 pinches


  1. Boil 100 ml of water in a pan
  2. Cut guava fruit into small pieces
  3. Add 20 to 25 jamun fruits to the boiling water
  4. Add guava pieces to the boiling water
  5. Boil it well till it is cooked
  6. Strain the water
  7. Cool the fruits and grind it to get its paste
  8. Don’t waste the strained water
  9. In another pan , add strained water and boil it well
  10. Add jaggery, and stir it till it is dissolved completely
  11. Add cardamom powder,fruits paste and stir it till it thickens
  12. Cool and store it in glass bottle


  • You eat this along with bread/chapathi

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