Jamun fruit sarbath for indigestion(ajeeranam in tamil) problems

Jamun fruit is a seasonal fruit and we get it in our place this month. You can prepare this sarbath and store it so that you can use it later.This jamun fruit sarbath is good for indigestion problems.


  • Jamun fruit(naaval pazham in tamil)-10 to 15 nos.

  • Jaggery-as needed

  • Dry ginger powder-1 tsp.

  • Pepper powder-1 tsp.

  • Water-200 ml


  • Take 200 ml of water in a pan and boil it
  • Mash jamun fruit using hands and add the pulp to the boiling water
  • Add pepper powder and dry ginger powder
  • Boil it well
  • Strain it and keep aside
  • In another pan boil little water, add jaggery so that it melts to liquid
  • Add this strained jamun juice and boil it well
  • Cool and store it in glass bottle


  • Add 1/4 tsp. of this sarbath to 25 ml of water, mix it and give it to children in the morning at empty stomach
  • Add 1 tsp. of this to 100 ml of water and give it to adults daily twice before food

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