Jack fruit juice for intestinal health

My hubby loves Jack fruit. As we have jack fruit trees in my mom’s place, we get fresh jack fruits a lot. Whenever we eat jack fruit, we used to talk there is no medical effect in this fruit even though it holds a lot of vitamins and nutrients in it coz we didn’t come across not even one  home remedy till now using Jack fruit. Finally I found out a home remedy for you using Jack fruit. Fresh jack fruit juice which treats all the problems in intestines. This juice is good for kids and athletes. Diabetes persons can avoid this juice or drink little of this juice as it raises blood sugar level soon.


  • Ripe Jackfruit flesh-200 gm

  • Pepper powder-3 pinches

  • Cardamom powder-3 pinches

  • Amla juice-50 ml

  • Coconut milk-100 ml

  • Organic sugar-2 tsp.

  • Water-as needed


  1. Remove the seeds of Jackfruit and use its flesh alone
  2. Cut gooseberry into small pieces and grind it in a mixer to extract its juice
  3. Grate coconut , add little water and press using hands to get its milk
  4. Grind jackfruit by adding amla juice in a mixer
  5. Transfer this to a bowl
  6. Add coconut milk, pepper powder, cardamom powder, organic sugar and water
  7. Mix it well and drink


  • Drink 100 ml of the juice daily once for 3 days



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