A healthy snack recipe to treat infection in lungs and cough

Infection in lungs causes cough, sneezing, and breathing problems. Today let us see a healthy snack recipe to treat infection in lungs and cough.This improves immunity power and cleans lungs.


  • Pointed gourd leaves (Botonical name:Mukia Scabrella; Musumusukkai Keerai in tamil)-25 gm

  • Purple fruited pea eggplant leaves(Botonical name:Solanum trilobatum; Thuthuvalai in tamil)-25 gm

thuthuvalai snagit

  • Balloon vine plant leaves/cardiospermum halicacabum (Mudakathan Keerai in tamil)-25 gm
  • Ginger-10 gm


  • Dry Red Chilly-10 gm


  • White rice(puzhungal arisi in tamil)-200 gm
  • Cumin seeds-10 gm

cumin seeds

  • Pepper-10 gm


  • Split gram/Yellow lentil/Toor dhal( Thuvaram paruppu in tamil)-50 gm
  • Gingelly oil- as needed
  • Salt -as needed


  • Garlic-10 gm



  1. Soak rice and split gram for some time
  2. Grind soaked rice, soaked split gram, garlic, cumin seeds, ginger,dry red chilly,pepper and salt
  3. Add Pointed gourd leaves,Purple fruited pea eggplant leaves and Balloon vine plant leaves and grind it to get its batter
  4. Boil oil in a tawa
  5. Add a spoon of batter and spread the batter
  6. Cook until the bottom of the batter has browned to your preference and the top has become firm
  7. Flip it and cook it till golden brown
  8. Cool and eat


  • Eat it weekly once.



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