Improve eye sight and all eye problems naturally using carrot spicy southern Indian soup (rasam)

Even though all the eye diseases can’t be prevented, there are simple ways that everyone can take care of your eyes so that it remains healthy. You can improve eye sight and treat all eye problems naturally using this carrot spicy southern Indian soup (rasam)


  • Carrot-1 no.


  • Turmeric powder-5 gm

  • Asafoetida (Perunkayam in tamil) powder-as needed
  • Tamarind-50 gm


  • Tomato-1 no.

  • Mustard seeds as needed



  • Pepper-5 gm


  • Cumin seeds-5 gm

cumin seeds

  • Gingelly oil- as needed
  • Dry red chilly-10 gm


  • Salt- as needed



  1. Dry roast dry red chilly and take it in a bowl
  2. Dry roast pepper and cumin seeds and salt together and add it to the bowl
  3. Grind to get its powder
  4. Grind carrot and tomato together to get its paste
  5. Dry roast tamarind
  6. Add water to the roasted tamarind and mash it to get tamarind water
  7. Boil gingerly oil in a pan
  8. Add mustard,1 dry chilly and curry leaves
  9. Add carrot& tomato paste
  10. Sauté it well
  11. Add turmeric powder and Asafoetida powder
  12. And tamarind water and allow it to boil
  13. Add 10 gm of the medicinal powder
  14. Boil it well
  15. Add coriander leaves after turning off the flame
  16. Mix it with rice and eat


  • Use this consecutively for 4 days in a week for best results

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