Homemade oil to improve eye sight and to cure all eye problems naturally

Even though all the eye diseases can’t be prevented, there are simple ways that everyone can take care of your eyes so that it remains healthy. You can improve eye sight and treat all eye problems naturally using this home made oil. Let us see the preparation of it in detail,


  • Phyllanthus niruri leaves(Keezha nelli in tamil) juice-25 ml


  • Dwarf Copper Leaves/Alternanthera sessilis(Ponnanganni Keerai in tamil)leaves juice-25 ml

  • Gingelly oil- 100 ml


  • Grind dwarf copper leaves to get its juice
  • Grind Phyllanthus niruri leaves to get its juice
  • Boil Gingelly oil in a pan
  • Add Phyllanthus niruri leaves’ juice and dwarf copper leaves’ juice and boil it well
  • Strain the oil, cool and store it in glass bottle


  • Apply this on head weekly twice 1 hour before taking bath
  • Take bath after an hour in lukewarm water



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