A homemade ointment to treat ring worms (Padar thamarai in tamil)

Ring worms (padar thamarai in tamil) are contagious and it will spread quickly if left untreated. Rings worms can be easily treated at home. This ointment is easy to prepare and applying it on the affected areas will cure ring worms quickly.


  • Dry Black nightshade(manathakkali in tamil)unripe fruit-15 gm

  • Rose petals-15 gm

  • Baby water melon/Coccinia grandis(kovai ilai in tamil) plant leaves juice-as needed
  • Sandalwood powder-1/2 tsp.


  • Grind dry black nightshade unripe fruit and rose petals to get its paste
  • Add sandalwood powder and baby water melon plant leaves juice
  • Mix all the above well


  • Wash the affected area with warm water and dry it completely
  • Apply this on the affected area daily twice(morning and evening)

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