Homemade oil to grow thick moustache(meesai in tamil) naturally for men

Some teens face delay in growing beard or moustache. Some men face the problem of thin moustache and beard. Here is the solution for all these problems.If you want to grow thicker, healthier facial hair faster then you can definitely try this homemade oil and feel the difference.


  • Alternanthera sessilis (Ponnanganni Keerai in tamil) leaves juice-2 tsp.

  • White Eclipta prostrata leaves (Vellai karisalankanni in tamil) juice-2 tsp.
  • Chrysopogon zizanioides (Vetiver in tamil)-1 tsp.
  • Castor oil-50 ml
  • Coconut oil-50 ml


  1. Boil coconut oil and castor oil together in a pan
  2. Add white eclipse prostrata leaves juice and alternanthera sessilis leaves juice to it and boil it in low flame
  3. Add chysopogon zizaniodes to it and boil it well
  4. Strain the oil
  5. Cool and store it in glass bottle


  • Apply it at night and leave it over night

Note: You can apply it on head to cool body, prevents greying and promotes hair growth.All can use it.


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