Homemade natural bath powder

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Herbal bath powder is safe to skin as it is completely natural.  It is easy to make. This homemade natural bath powder removes smell, skin irritation and allergy that is caused by excessive sweating. If you want to stop store-bought soap and use herbal bathing powder, you can definitely try this herbal bath powder.


  • Green gram-100 gm


  • Tanners cassia flowers(Aavaram poo in tamil)-100 gm

aavaram poosnagit

  • Acacia concinna (shikakaai in tamil)-100 gm
  • Split Bengal gram (Kadalai paruppu in tamil)-100 gm


  1. Dry tanners cassia flowers and acacia concinna well
  2. Grind green gram, tanners cassia flowers, split bengal gram and acacia concinna to get its powder
  3. Store it in air tight container


  • Before 15 minutes of taking bath, take the needed bath powder in a bow;, mix it powder with water and apply it all over body
  • Leave it for 15 minutes
  • Wash it off completely

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