Healthy fruit juice using mangoes and papaya fruit

This drink is rich in nutrients and all can enjoy this fruit juice to get instant energy. This juice enhances red blood corpuscles in blood. This drink also strengthens bones and it is good for growing children. It is simple to prepare and your child will definitely love this fruit juice for sure.


  • Ripe mangoes flesh-25 gm

  • Tender coconut water-250 ml

  • Sugar-30 gm/6 tsp.

  • Papaya fruit-50 gm

  • Roasted fennel seeds powder-1 tsp.


  • Himalayan rock salt-2 gm


  • Roast fennel seeds and grind it to get its powder
  • Remove the outer skin and seeds of mango fruit and cut it into small pieces
  • Remove the outer skin and seeds of papaya fruit and cut it into small pieces
  • Grind mango, papaya, sugar, fennel seeds powder to get its juice
  • Add tender coconut water, sugar and Himalayan salt to it
  • Mix it well and drink it


  • Drink 100 ml of this juice daily in the morning for few days

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