Healthy fresh juice to brighten skin naturally

Have you ever thought of drinking vegetable juice for glowing skin? Yes, this juice work wonders on your skin tone. Get a fairer and glowing skin naturally.This drink helps to remove white patches on skin. This is also good to reduce bad odour from mouth. You just need few ingredients which are readily available. Try this and feel the difference.


  • Tomato juice-5 tsp.

  • Carrot juice-5 tsp.


  • Pepper powder-1/4 tsp. or as needed

  • Cumin seeds -2 pinches


  • Cardamom powder-a pinch

  • Palm jaggery powder-as needed

  • Water-100 ml


  1. Wash and grind tomatoes to get its juice
  2. Remove the outer skin of carrot and grind it to get its juice
  3. Take 5 tsp. of tomato juice in a glass and add 5 tsp. of carrot juice to it
  4. Add cardamom powder, pepper powder, cumin seeds powder, palm jaggery powder and water
  5. Mix it well


  • Drink it

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