Healthy energy drink which substitutes tea/coffee

Drinking tea or coffee in the morning and evening is a daily routine to many of you. Drinking too much of tea or coffee is not good for health. Then you may be asking what should be a healthy drink which substitutes tea or coffee. This healthy energy drink is an alternative to tea or coffee and all can enjoy having this during your tea time.

This drink is good for diabetic people and people who have calcium deficiency problems. Add palm jaggery and drink so that it is good to fight against anemia. It uses ingredients which are readily available in your kitchen cabinet. Why wait?? Try it out now.


  • Fenugreek seeds-1/2 tsp.

  • Whole wheat/Broken wheat-1 tsp.

  • Water-100 ml

  • Palm jaggery-to taste(optional)

Preparation and usage:

  • Dry roast fenugreek seeds and keep it aside
  • Dry roast whole wheat and keep it aside
  • Cool and grind to get its powder
  • Take 1 tsp. of this powder in a pan and add water
  • Boil it well
  • Strain and drink


  • You can add palm jaggery and drink
  • You can prepare this powder for a week and store it in air tight container

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