A health drink to treat dark under eyes(kan karuvazhayam in tamil) naturally

Jaundice, staying awake at night for long, mental stress are the causes of dark under eyes. Keeping a piece of cucumber or potato upon eyes treats dark under eyes. This health drink works wonder.


  • Fenugreek plant leaves(Vendhaya keerai in tamil)- 3 tsp.
  • Amla juice-3 tsp

  • Carrot juice-4 tsp

  • Beetroot juice-4 tsp

  • Coconut milk-2 tsp

  • Organic sugar-as needed


  • Grind fenugreek plant leaves to get its juice
  • Grate coconut and grind it to get its milk
  • Remove the seeds of amla and grind it to get its juice
  • Remove the outerskin of carrot and beetroot and grind it to get its juice
  • Take fenugreek plant leaves juice in a bowl
  • Add amla juice, carrot juice, beetroot juice,coconut milk and organic sugar
  • Mix it well


  • Drink it daily twice(morning and evening)

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