A hair oil preparation to get rid of headache and migraine naturally

Excess body heat, low immunity power, constipation, indigestion may be the causes of head ache.Get rid of headache(thalai vali in tamil) and migraine(othai thalai vali in tamil) using this hair oil.


  • Lemon juice-2 tsp.

  • Alternanthera sessilis(Ponnanganni Keerai in tamil) leaves juice-2 tsp.

  • Dry red chilly-3 nos.


  • Benzoin resin powder (Sambrani powder in tamil)-10 gm
  • Coconut oil-100 ml


  1. Cut lemon into halves and squeeze it to extract its juice
  2. Grind Alternanthera sessilis/dwarf copper leaves to get its juice.
  3. Boil coconut oil in a pan
  4. Add lemon juice, dwarf copper leaves juice, dry red chilly and Benzoin resin powder one by one
  5. Boil it well
  6. Strain the oil


  • Apply it on head weekly twice
  • Leave it off after some time
  • Wash it off using Acacia concinna (shikakaai in tamil)

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