Get rid of pimples on face without any scars naturally

Pimples(muga paru in tamil) spoil one’s face beauty. Pimples pop up on oily skin very often. Get rid of pimples without any scars naturally using these simple two- ingredient remedy. It is easy to prepare and it just require two simple ingredients which are readily available.


  • Onion – a small one

  • Kasthuri turmeric powder-as needed

Preparation and usage:

  • Remove the outer skin of onion and grind it to get its juice
  • Mix kasthuri turmeric powder and apply it on pimple
  • Wash it off using cold water after 20 minutes

2 replies on “Get rid of pimples on face without any scars naturally”

  1. Mamta Sharma says:

    I am too much fed up off pimples , Thanks for sharing . Can you please suggest any remedy for hair fall . I am too much worried for that ,as it is falling badly .

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