Get rid of mucus in chest naturally

Today let us see the causes and remedy for excess mucus in Chest naturally.


  1. Eating inorganic foods
  2. Smoking
  3. Drinking alcohol


  • Gingellly oil-100 ml
  • Eclipta prostrata leaves (karisalai in tamil)paste-50 gm
  • Cow’s milk-100 ml



  • Grind Eclipta prostrata leaves (karisalai in tamil) without adding water to get its paste
  • Boil gingelly oil in a pan in low flame
  • Add pasdte and boil it
  • Strain the oil, cool and store it in glass bottle
  • Boil 100 ml of cow’s milk
  • Add 10 ml of this oil and mix it well


  • Drink it daily once(any time) half an hour after food for few days
  • Spit the mucus

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