First remedy for sprains and bone fractures

Whenever someone suffers from sprains(suluku in tamil) or bone fractures, you can apply this preparation externally on the affected area before rushing to the hospital which acts as a first aid for it.


  • Veldt Grape/ Cissus quadrangularris( Pirandai in tamil)juice-2 tsp.

  • Tamarind water-100 ml

  • Rock salt-1 tsp.

  • Red sand-2 tsp.


  • Cut veldt grape into small pieces and grind it to get its juice
  • Squeeze tamarind pulp in water and mix it well
  • Boil tamarind water in a pan
  • Add veldt grape juice, rock salt, red sand and boil it well


  • Apply it on affected area
  • Tie it with white cotton cloth

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