An external ointment to treat nose bleeding due to excess body heat during summer

Nose bleeding(mookil irunthu retham vazhithal in tamil) may be caused due to excess body heat during summer. Insufficient sleep may lead to excess body heat which may also cause nose bleeding. If a person suffers from nose bleeding immediately, keep a pillow under head and lie down straight for some time and apply this external ointment and if problem persists consult a doctor.


  • Pomegranate flower-1 no.

  • Pomegranate fruit juice-as needed

  • Bermuda grass leaves(arugam pul in tamil) juice-as needed
  • Rose water-as needed(Click here for recipe)
  • Sandalwood base-1 no.

Preparation and usage:

  1. Remove the outer skin of pomegranate and grind the fruit to get its juice
  2. Grind Bermuda grass leaves to get its juice
  3. Take a sandalwood base and rub pomegranate flower by adding little rose water
  4. Add pomegranate juice and Bermuda grass leaves juice and rub the pomegranate flower on sandalwood base to get its paste
  5. Apply it on forehead and on nose
  6. Wash it off after some time

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