Enhance your beauty naturally using this sweet sago halwa

This sweet sago halwa( Javvarisi halwa in tamil)enhances your beauty quotient to the prime level and it helps you to get a bright and glowing skin. It also helps to remove tiredness after constipation, improves HB count, gains weight for slim persons, cures anal itching, improves complexion and reduces excess body heat.


  • Tapioca Sago(Javvarisi in tamil)- a handful

  • Rice flakes(aval in tamil)-a handful

  • Boiled cow’s milk-50 ml

  • Jaggery-as needed

  • Cardamom-2 nos.

  • Saffron(Kunguma poo in tamil)-6 or 7 nos.

  • Cashew nut-as needed


  1. Grind cardamom to get its powder
  2. Boil cow’s milk in a pan
  3. Grind jaggery to get its powder
  4. Clean and soak sago in a glass of clean water for 10 minutes
  5. Without filtering, cook it
  6. Add rice flakes and mix it well
  7. Sprinkle cardamom powder to it
  8. Add 50 ml of boiled cow’s milk and allow it to cook well by stirring it
  9. Add jaggery powder,saffron, cow’s ghee and keep stirring
  10. At last add cashew nut and turn off the flame
  11. Transfer it to a bowl
  12. Eat it


  • Eat 1 tsp. of it daily thrice(morning, noon and evening)
  • Eat 2 tsp. of it daily thrice before food to reduce body heat and remove tiredness after constipation

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