Egg facial pack for glowing face

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Beautiful and glowing face is every women dream. Give your face an instant glow using this facial pack. This egg face pack is exclusively for dry skin. This face pack just uses 3 ingredients which are readily available. You can make this face pack easily at home and use it atleast once in a week.


  • Egg white of 1 egg

  • Honey-1 table spoon

  • Aloe vera gel-1 tsp.



  1. Crack an egg and pour it in a bowl
  2. Separate egg yolk using a spoon
  3. Cut off aloe vera leaf horizontally into two pieces
  4. Scoop the gel using a spoon
  5. Take egg white in a bowl
  6. Add aloe vera gel and honey and mix it well


  • Apply it on face and leave it for 20 minutes
  • Wash it off using warm water

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