Effective way to treat cold and cough naturally

Are you the one who is suffering from cold and cough(irumal in tamil)? Don’t worry, it can be easily treated by this effective natural remedy.


  • Plectranthus amboinicus juice(Karpoora valli in tamil)- juice of 2 nos./juice of 1/2 no. for children


  • Honey as needed


  • Dry ginger powder- 3 pinches /a pinch for children

Dry ginger

  • Pepper powder- 3 pinches /a pinch for children



  1. Grind Plectranthus amboinicus leaves to get its juice
  2. In the Plectranthus amboinicus juice, add honey, dry ginger powder, pepper powder
  3. Mix well and drink


  • For new born babies, dip a finger to this syrup and give
  • For children aged greater than 1 year, give 1/2 tea spoon of this syrup
  • For adults, give  1 to 2 tea spoons of this syrup

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  1. Amit Misra says:

    Thank God I came across your blog. Every post is so helpful! I try to avoid medicines as much as possible. Most of the common health problems can be solved by such simple remedies.

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