Effective remedy to treat knee lump/bulge(mutti veekam) naturally

Here is the effective remedy to treat knee lump/bulge(mutti veekam) naturally,


  • Drumstick leaves


  • Subabul/Leucaena leucocephala (savundal leaves in tamil)
  • Balloon vine plant leaves /cardiospermum halicacabum (Mudakathan Keerai in tamil)
  • Fig fruit(Athi pazham in tamil)
  • White cotton cloth


  1. Grind equal quantities of all the above ingredients to form a paste
  2. Apply it on the knee for 3 days
  3. Cover it with a white cotton cloth


  • You can see best results in 3 days
  • You can mix fig fruit with honey and eat to strengthen your knees
  • You can drink Cotton seeds milk(Paruthi paal in tamil)
  • This is the best for knee lumps caused due to excess drinking of plantain stem juice

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