Effective Remedy for internal injuries/blood clots(Ulkayam in tamil)

in ancient days, this remedy was given to people who fell down from height. This is a effective remedy to remove internal blood clots.I have given this remedy to my mom twice when she fell down in my home. I have also given this remedy to my hubby once when he met with a minor bike accident.Let us see this remedy in detail,


  • Baby brinjal- 3 nos.


  • Cumin seeds/Jeera- 5 gm(1/2 tea spoon)

cumin seeds

  • Gingelly oil


  1. Cut Brinjal into small pieces , add cumin seeds and chop it well
  2. Put it in a white cloth and extract its juice
  3. Mix equal quantity of brinjal, cumin seeds juice and gingelly oil well


  • Drink it once a week for normal people
  • People who had fallen down from top or met with minor accidents  can drink it once for 3 days


  • It reduces all body pain
  • After 20 days of delivery give 5 ml of this daily to mother

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