Delicious Grape jam which helps you to grow stronger and healthier

Wish you all a very Happy Diwali. Let us celebrate it with this healthy grape jam.This is a simple three ingredient recipe which makes your body strong, improves immunity power , cures constipation and sleep problems. It helps to cure breathing problems due to low immunity power. All can eat this jam and it is good for your child too.


  • Black Grapes-a cup

  • Water-200 ml

  • Jaggery- as needed


  • Clean the grapes by soaking into salt water and turmeric water
  • Boil grapes in a pan
  • Strain the water and keep it aside(Don’t waste it)
  • Once cooled, mash the grapes using hands
  • Boil mashed grapes in a pan
  • Add the strained water and boil it well
  • Add jaggery and boil till you get jam like consistency


  • Eat 1 tsp. of this daily twice(morning and evening)
  • Eat 1 tsp. at night if you face sleep problems

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