Cool your body using sweet finger millet drink

Finger millet drink(kezhvaragu koozh in tamil) has been used since ancient times to cool body and it is a healthy breakfast. This drink helps you to reduce anger. It quenches thirst immediately. This is the best drink for summer. It requires ingredients which are readily available.


  • Ragi flour-1/2 tsp.

  • Water-200 ml


  • Cow’s milk-20 ml

  • Cardamom powder-a pinch

  • Badam-as needed

  • Cashew-as needed

  • Jaggery-as needed


  1. Boil water in a pan
  2. Sprinkle ragi flour and stir it well
  3. Add cow’s milk, cardamom powder, badam and cashew powder and boil it well
  4. Turn off the flame
  5. Add jaggery and stir it well
  6. Drink it


  • Drink 50 ml of it daily twice

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