A breakfast to treat menstrual problems (irregular periods) and strengthen vision veins naturally

To prevent menstrual problems, use curry leaves and small grains weekly twice. Fig fruit, drumstick leaves, coriander leaves and mint leaves are also good for menstrual problems.

Eating apple, pomegranate, carrot are good for vision problems.

Today let us see a breakfast to treat menstrual problems (irregular periods) and strengthen vision veins ( parvai narambu bhala pada in tamil) naturally


  • Proso millet(pani varagu in tamil)-100 gm
  • White maize-50 gm
  • Split Bengal gram (Kadalai paruppu in tamil) -20 gm
  • Black urad dhal(Ulunthu in tamil )-20 gm


  • Small onions-50 gm


  • Green chilly-10 gm

green chilly

  • Mustard seeds-as needed


  • Salt-as needed


  • Gingelly oil-as needed

  • Grated Coconut -20 gm


  • Banana blossom heart/inner flower -50 gm


  1. Soak Proso millet ,white maize and black urad dhal for some time
  2. Cut small onions and green chilly into small pieces
  3. Boil gingelly oil in a pan
  4. Add mustard seeds, curry leaves, banana flower and saute it well
  5. Add green chilly ,small onions, grated coconut and saute it till golden brown
  6. Grind  Proso millet, white maize, black urad dhal, salt to get its fine paste.
  7. Mix the sauted items to the paste well
  8. Take Dosa tawa and spread a spoonful of batter
  9. Sprinkle gingelly oil to it and cook it till golden brown
  10. Turn it and cook it well
  11. Take it in a plate and eat


  • Women who suffers from menstrual problems can eat it weekly once as breakfast
  • Persons who have problems in vision veins can eat it weekly twice as breakfast


  • Remove the bitter sap from the redbracts. Remove all the red outer covering until you reach an ivory colored bulb called Banana Blossom Heart
  • Remove from each banana blossom heart, the one stiff stamen(kaalan in tamil) and thin white colored cover portions

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