Manakudy,a mangrove island in Kanyakumari

Manakudy is an estuary where the pazhayar river and the Arabian sea meets. It is a place of nature’s beauty. It has a beautiful bridge, a lovely beach , birds hub and a mangrove island. Recently back water boating facility is also available in Manakudy boating centre.

Manakudy is around 3 kms from my home and around 5 kms from Kanyakumari. We go to Manakudy beach whenever we feel to walk along the beach ,whenever we need a calm and cool place to sit and relax. It is a less crowded beach. I love beaches coz the cool gentle breeze welcomes always.

We, few friends planned for backwater boating at Manakudy backwaters as it is a Sunday(9th October 2016). It was a sunny day and we all gathered at Manakudy around 3 p.m. We hired a boat for 1000 INR from a local fisherman and started our ride.

This is the boat we rode on…


Some of the lovely pictures taken while boating,






Mangrove trees



We clicked few pictures, had fun together and rode along the river to the score. Natural scenery during boat ride was really lovely.We saw many birds like Pelican, large Cranes in the river. I enjoyed the ride to the core and returned back home happily.




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