Amazing health benefits of Ginger soaked honey

Ginger soaked honey strengthens bones, removes toxins from body, removes germs from blood, and improves our immune system. It also gives instant energy which helps you to stay active throughout the day. This also fights against cancer. This is very simple to prepare. Try this out and share me your experience.


  • Ginger-50 gm


  • Honey-as needed


  • Cow’s milk- 100 ml



  1. Remove the outer skin of ginger
  2. Wash it well
  3. Cut it into small pieces
  4. Dry it completely
  5. Take dried ginger pieces in a glass bottle
  6. Add honey till it is immersed completely
  7. Let it soak for atleast a day


  • Eat 4 or 5 pieces of ginger in the morning at empty stomach and drink a cup of boiled cow’s milk after 15 minutes


  • Allow the ginger to dry completely before soaking.
  • Make sure the glass bottle is completely dry.
  • Use dry spoons so that it stay good for more days
  • Do not refrigerate

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