Amazing Health benefits of drinking water from copper vessel

During my last trip to Chennai, I saw a copper jug at SPAR , Vijaya Forum Mall and I wanna buy it. As I was not sure about its originality, I thought of buying it at native from the manufacturing place itself. I bought this copper jug from Nagercoil yesterday.

Copper is an essential mineral and is vital to human health. It has antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps neutralize toxins. Our bodies cannot synthesize copper, so you need to get it from dietary sources.

Ayurveda recommends storing water overnight in a copper jug and drinking it in the morning at empty stomach is good for health.  The water stored this way is called ‘Tamra Jal’. Ayurveda reckons copper jug water to balance all the three doshas (Body humors-Kapha, Vata and Pitta)

Health benefits of drinking water from copper jug:

  1. It kills bacteria
  2. It aids in weight loss.
  3. It slows down aging.
  4. Lower the risk of cancer and heart disease
  5. Prevents Water-Borne Diseases
  6. Keeps the Digestive System Healthy
  7. Beats anemia
  8. Promotes Healthy Skin
  9. Stimulates your brain
  10. Regulates the functioning of the thyroid gland
  11. Soothe arthritis pain
  12. Helps detox your stomach
  13. Helps heal wounds faster
  14. Get rid of piles


  • Boil 2 to 3 cups of tap water in a pan
  • Cool it down
  • Store it in copper jug/cup overnight or for atleast 8 hours
  • Drink it in the morning at empty stomach

How much?

2 to 3 cups of copper jug water is enough for a day. You can drink 2 cups of copper jug water once in the early morning and a cup of copper jug water in the evening is more than enough to get the required amount of copper for our body.

Remember you should not drink this copper vessel water all year long. Once you start drinking water stored in a copper vessel, you can continue this for three months and then take a break for one month (stop drinking water stored in the copper vessel). After one month break, you can continue drinking water again from the copper vessel for next three months. This helps our body to remove any excess copper deposited in our body. The body has its own mechanism of eliminating the excess of anything.

Copper Vessel- Washing instructions:

Copper oxidizes naturally and needs to be cleaned at regular intervals. Traditional methods of cleaning copper include rubbing the copper with a mixture of salt and tamarind paste or fresh lemon juice. Do not use a coarse scrub to wash the inside of the vessel. Use one half of a lemon (you can squeeze out the juice) and rub it on the inside of the vessel. Allow it to stand for a few minutes and then wash off with plain water.

Simple alternative to copper jug/cup:

If you can’t buy a copper cup/jug, buy a clay pot/jug, put some copper coins and store water in it which provides the similar health benefits as like copper jug water.




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