A trip to Pykara Waterfalls, Kamaraj Sagar Dam and Ooty Lake

After night stay at Ooty, we got ready in the morning itself to enjoy sightseeing. The climate is super cool so we all got up a bit late (not too early) and after having breakfast at A2B Hotel, we started our trip to Pykara waterfalls.

Pykara waterfalls is one of the most beautiful and majestic sights that you have to see in Ooty. There is a minimal entrance fee 5 INR/person to watch the water falls. We have walked around half a kilometer to enjoy the wonderful view of the falls. Battery car service is also available from the parking place to the falls at the rate of 10 INR/person. It is not advisable for old people to walk down all through the steps coz even we were tired while climbing up the stairs.They can enjoy the view from the top itself.

Pykara falls is very scenic and magnificent place to visit during your trip to Ooty. The surroundings of the Pykara waterfalls are picturesque. We enjoyed the scenic view and captured photos .It is one of the must visit places for nature lovers.

Hear the enchanting sound of waterfalls in the below video,

One cannot take bath in the waterfalls not even touch the water. It is just a place to view the beautiful waterfalls and enjoy the nature.

There is a small children’s park at the entrance of Pykara waterfalls. Kids enjoyed the rides there without any entrance fee.

After that we returned back to the parking area via battery car as we all were tired walking. Then we went to Kamaraj sagar dam, captured few pictures and then to ooty lake.

We were not in a mood to take up the boat and spend some time in boating and so we just spend some time there, bought carrots and purple color vegetable(I don’t know the name) and ate it raw after washing it.

After that we went to Karnataka Horticulture Garden. I will write a separate post on this lovely garden. Stay tuned…


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