A remedy for severe back pain

People who sit for long and drives long distances daily may face spinal cord(muthuku thandu in tamil) problems which causes severe back pain. The other causes for back pain are,

  • Accidents
  • Calcium deficiency


  • Balloon vine plant leaves/cardiospermum halicacabum (Mudakathan Keerai in tamil)-5 gm
  • Purple fruited pea eggplant leaves (Botonical name:Solanum trilobatum; Thuthuvalai in tamil)-5 gm

thuthuvalai flower snagit

  • Liquorice(athimathuram in tamil)-5 gm
  • Indian ginger (Sitharathai in tamil)-5 gm
  • Dry ginger(chukku in tamil)-5 gm


  • Pepper-5 gm


  • Small onions-5 gm


  • Long pepper(thippili in tamil)-5 gm
  • Cumin seeds(jeeragam in tamil)-5 gm

cumin seeds

  • Ginger pieces-5 gm
  • Garlic-5 gm


  • Water-100 ml



  1. Boil 100 ml of water in a pan
  2. Add Balloon vine plant leaves, Liquorice, Purple fruited pea eggplant leaves, indian ginger, dru ginger, pepper , long pepper, small onions and  cumin seeds
  3. Add garlic and boil it well
  4. Strain the decoction and drink warm


  • Drink this decoction daily twice after food
  • Once cured, stop drinking this decoction

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