A remedy for diabetes using guava leaves

Diabetes is one of the common diseases now a days. Even children suffer from diabetes but the remedy which I am going to share now is exclusively for people who suffer from diabetes in old age. This remedy uses common herb leaves which are readily available in our place.Yea, it uses guava leaves, neem leaves and betal leaves. Let us see the remedy in detail,


  • Guava leaves-10 gm

guava leaf snagit

  • Neem leaves-10 gm

  • Betal leaves-5 nos.
  • Water-100 ml




  • Boil water in a pan
  • Cut guava leaves into small pieces
  • Add guava leaves, neem leaves and betal leaves to it
  • Boil it well
  • Strain the decoction and drink


  • Drink 20 ml of this decoction daily twice(morning and evening) for few days before food
  • Stop drinking this decoction once diabetes is under control


  • Remove the petiole(Kaambu in tamil) and veins from betal leaves before using it
  • Cut off/Tear off the rear end of the betal leaf

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