A remedy for chest pain and sores in chest

This is a remedy for chest pain and sores in chest


  • Cubeb/ Tailed Pepper(Vaal mizhagu in tamil) -10 gm

  • Dry ginger(Chukku in tamil)-5 gm

Dry ginger

  • Long pepper (thippili in tamil)- 5 gm
  • Palm candy(Panam karkandu in tamil)-15 gm


  • Cow’s milk-100 ml



  1. Grind tailed pepper, dry ginger,long pepper and palm candy to get its powder
  2. Boil cow’s milk in a pan
  3. Add 5 gm of this powder(for people <18 years use 3 gm) to the boiled milk
  4. Mix it well
  5. Cool and drink


  • Drink 50 ml to 100 ml of this at night half an hour after having food
  • Use it weekly twice

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